Nestled on the beautiful Princeton campus near the heart of downtown Princeton – one of the “top 20 small towns in America” (Smithsonian Magazine)


Springdale offers several categories of membership, including individual, family, and junior memberships.   

We invite you to discover why Springdale’s classic setting and exemplary service sets it apart from other clubs in the area.

If you are interested in additional information regarding membership, please contact the manager by phone at (609) 921 - 8790 ext 201 or email 

  • Membership Process

  • Sponsor requests and is given an application by the Club Manager, who is provided with the applicant’s name and proposed membership category.  The application is included in a prospective member packet which includes, in addition to the application, historical information about Springdale, a description of the various membership categories and the current dues structure​​ 
  • Club Manager informs Membership Chairperson about the requests. 
  • Should an individual request information about joining Springdale directly from the Pro Shop, the office, a staff member, a member, etc., the individual’s contact information should be obtained and given to the Club Manager and the Membership Chair.  When appropriate, the Chair directs Club Manager to provide application to a sponsor. 
  • The completed application, including 2 seconder’s endorsements and the signatures of 3 members of the Board of Governors to whom the applicant has been introduced, is returned to the office, accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $100.00. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to recruit the seconders and to ensure that their portion of the application is completed.  Membership Chair will coordinate with sponsor to arrange for the required introductions to at least three Governors.  Sponsors and seconders must be members in good standing for at least 2 years.
  •  Only complete applications will be accepted.
  •  The candidate’s name (and the names of the sponsor and seconders and the proposed membership category) will be posted at the clubhouse and on the Club’s website for a period of 10 days, during which comments from the entire membership will be encouraged.
  •  If no other issues have been identified at the conclusion of the posting period, candidate’s application will be deemed to have been approved and candidate will be so informed by President in a formal letter of approval.
  •  Candidate is admitted to membership upon payment of the balance of the initiation fee, if required.  If membership is full, candidate’s name will be placed on a wait list according to the date on which the completed application was received.
  •  Sponsor is responsible for his/her candidate’s orientation at Springdale.  This includes introducing the new member to the staff and other members and being certain that the new member understands the customs at Springdale.
  •  Memberships will be automatically renewed beginning January 1 of the New Year unless the Business Office is notified in writing prior to January 1.  All memberships are for a full calendar year.  A member's resignation or change in membership after the renewal of membership for the calendar year does not relieve that member of the obligation to pay all dues, dining room minimums, surcharges and any other required fees for the balance of the year. Only upgrades to a membership will be permitted during the calendar year.